Grandfather’s Cane

When I was  growing up, my grandfather, Victor White, lived in  the  small town of Marlin, Texas, ten miles from our  home in  Reagan. He  died  from complications of a stroke when I was  twelve years old. He had been  partially  paralyzed  and walked with a cane.

About one week after his  death in May 1953, I was  sitting  on the  couch in our living  room when I heard  footsteps  coming up the  sidewalk. My grandfather had walked  in a  characteristic  way;  he would  take a step and then drag the other foot.

These were the  exact sounds  that I heard  as I  sat on  the couch, although  I didn’t  realize that I was  hearing  Grandfather’s footsteps. Knowing that beggars would  occasionally  come to  the house  asking for  food,  I thought  at first it was  one of them.

When I went  outside to look,  I saw no  footprints in the  dirt that covered part of  the sidewalk-but leaning against  the steps of the porch was my grandfather’s walking cane.

To this  day no one knows how that  cane made its way to  our house- ten miles from Marlin to Reagan.

Jill Rapp

Bryan, Texas

August 1987

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