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Home / Filipino Horror Stories / GHOST ENCOUNTERS


By: Gabriel Fernandez

The old  house was one of the  original homes in Quezon City. My  older sister bought it.  Her little four-year-old daughter, her two-month-old son, and I moved in with her. The house was large. I didn’t have  a chance to see it before it was purchased by my sister.  I had an eerie feeling about the house from that very first day, as if someone was watching my every more. This feeling was especially strong in the  upper level of the house.  Over the years, we found this home to be haunted by a multitude  of spirits. As far as we could tell, there was a little boy, his father,  and about five other entities.  They were all  considered by us to  be friendly, playful, and not a threat to any of us.  One ghost, however, was malevolent.

The trouble began  when my sister  and I went to bed one night and were talking  for a while before  deciding  to go to sleep. I closed my eyes  for a second, then opened them,  letting out a gasp at the unexpected  sight of a man standing over me.  He took the form of a darkened shape  and held out what appeared  to be  something like a black chiffon scarf through which I could see him.  He was about to put the scarf over my  face. I could not breathe.  And then  he disappeared. Alarmed  by my cries,  my sister asked me what happened, but something would not let me tell  her until  the morning.  After seeing many entities in the form of dark shadows floating  throughout the rooms of our home,  we decided to put my sister’s  husband’s Bible  atop my grand piano lid. We noticed that for  the three weeks that the Bible rested there. no strange occurrences took  place. It seemed to keep the entities away.

Thinking the problem had been solved,  I removed the Bible. When  I came downstairs the next morning, I found a short nail driven into the  wooden lid of our beautiful piano.  The nail was forcefully driven by  something all the way down to the head. I was heartsick as  this piano  was my pride and joy,  given to me by sister. The nail was in the exact  spot where the Bible had been laid.  I carefully removed the nail,  and over the  years have tried to fill in  the hole with waxes and polish to mend the  surface. And again strange things began to happen.  One day as I began to polish the piano, I held the wax can in my left  hand as I polished with my sight.  Something grabbed  the can out  of my  hand and dropped it hard atop  the piano,  making a  scratch and a dent  on  the surface. Another time,  while polishing the same area, I removed a  large atop the piano, making a scratch  and a dent on the surface. Another time,  while polishing the same area,  I removed  a large  statue of a snow leopard, which I kept there as a piano decoration. Holding it in my left arm while doing my chore, again something ripped  the figurine from my grasp and dropped it in the  center of the piano lid, leaving another  large dent on the wood.  A friend of mine, who is a  meticulous housekeeper  and appreciates  fine furniture, came over to visit on two particular occasions.  Instead  of going right into the kitchen where we would have our coffee, she stopped  in the dining area and leaned on the piano  with her car keys  in her hand. As she  would take and use her hands  during her  conversation, she unconsciously came down hard onto the piano surface  with her keys.  This happened on two separate occasions, leaving  scratches  and nicks  on the piano.  She never  even realized she was doing it.  Once the spirit finished  taking out  its revenge on the piano,  it seemed  to turn its attention to the Bible itself.  One day,  the Bible  just vanished . My sister’s hobby was reading about the  different  religious  of the world,  and she always kept this  Bible atop the kitchen table.  Not it was  gone. We could not find the Bible for several months,  and were about to give  up looking for it.  Then one day some friends came over to borrow some  old vinyl records  that they  had planned  to record  into audio  tapes.  While  they sat in the front hall going through the records in the large bookcase, we all heard a thump. I asked  what the noise was, and our  friends said  something had fallen behind the records. When it was retrieved,  we found it was the long-lost Bible.

Now,  this bookcase held three shelves  of records, and each shelf was just high enough in which to stand the  records, allowing no space above to set a thick Bible-and therefore  no way for it to fall behind the records. Also,  the records were pushed  back  as far as they could go to the back of the shelf.  Yet the Bible appeared to  have fallen off of the top of the records and wedged itself  behind them.   Simply  impossible. Yet there it was.  Whatever or whoever this  entity was,  it must have been angry at  me from the start.  I felt that it was angry because I tried  to exorcise  it from  the  house  by setting the Bible atop the piano in the first place.  Knowing how much I loved that piano, it made sure to damage it as  much as possible. And when it stole my sister’s beloved  Bible and hid  it, it occurred to us  that it was angry at both of us. Many nights,  there would be loud bangs on the ceiling- strong enough to shake the house,  and always in the  rhythm of three bangs.  Sometimes only I would heat it; my sister would be right there and  never hear a thing.  Sometimes she would  hear it  and I would not. With the children upstairs sleep, many nights we would  hear the  bangs downstairs. We would run up  to check on the children,  then check every  took of the house. Always, the children would still  be asleep and we  would find nothing that might have caused  the noise.  Then things began to spin out of control. A man’s  voice began to  plague my sister’s daughter, who was then  10 years of age. She was  in her bedroom when she  heard this voice,  seeming to come from between the bed and the wall.  The voice  said.  “Psst, psst. Hey, come here!”He said’ this  twice. The girl ran downstairs with ashen face and  told me all about it.  It was then that she confessed to another  phenomenon taking place in  her room.  My niece’s  collection of horse statues stood in a large corner cabinet behind glass doors.  She told me  that one day the whole cabinet began to shake  from some unseen force. As soon as  her stepfather came to her door to tell her that lunch was  ready,  it stopped shaking.  And the  moment he went down the stairs, it again began to  shake.  Although we lived in that house for 10 years and endured the  many entities within,  the malevolent one was  becoming less tolerable,  especially when it began to frighten my niece.  We decided to sell the house and find another place to live.  For the  first time in 10 years, we finally had peace of mind.

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