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By: Aya  Paredes

Billy is a romantic  gambler-he dates a lot of different girls. At the  young age   of 23, Its not unusual for Bill to  bring along different dates whenever we would meet  up for movies, dinner or just a simple get-together. We call him Don Romantico because  of this  habit. What’s  weird though is  that his  dates don’t really fall into  any of the  categories an attractive young man like Billy would choose. He brings  along  women twice his  age,  or girls with speech deficeincies. He even brought a girl who doesn’t  speak Filipino  or English because she’s Korean. Not that we mock these girls- we feel sorry effect. Whenever  we confront Bill  about it, his  answer would  always  be the same.  “She’s got nice feet!What can I say? I like  nice, smooth feet.   Yes there are a lot  of prettier girl, but  when you look at their toes….yuck! They’re like gingers!” he would say.

If  you don’t change Billy,  you’d get yourself in trouble,” we  would warn him.  Billy wouldn’t  listen. One day, while having  his car, washed , he saw a  pretty girl named susan. She was  a balot vendor. She was wearing a pair of  slippers and Billy couldn’t  resist  Susan’s  fair and  flawless feet. He approached her and introduced  himself. They were  inseparable for a week after that.  Billy would  ask susan to wear  only slippers or peep-toe sandals. She would oblige. Billy was  everything she was looking   for in a boyfriend-attractive, young,  rich.

A week later, we were surprised when  Billy  brought another  face.  We asked  him  what happened to Susan,  but he said nothing.  He just said Susan was all  over him- she  would  constantly call or text him- so he  dumped her.  That night, Billy went home late at night. Living alone in  his condo,  he was  greeted  by darkness. He was about  to turn on  the lights when he felt that someone was  inside his condo. He thought it was an intruder so he slowly went to the kitchen to find anything to defend himself with.

He was  on the way to the kitchen  when he smelled  a foul- smelling  fume. It  was like  rotten  meat.  He reached  for the light  switchin he kitchen but he soon realized  that the flourescent lamp was  smashed. He stepped on the broken lamp and it made a loud crashing  sound. Feeling  helpless,  he asked who the intruder was and asked him to  leave before he calls the police. There was no answer. Then Billy  heard a  faint laughter  of a woman.  He got scared  so he ran to his bedroom. He was  searching blindly for the door to  his room since the darkness was still  complete  in his condo.  When he found   his room, he immediately locked the door and searched  for the light switch. To his  dismay, he found out that the light bulb  inside his  badroom was also smashed. Someone  was pounding  on his door,  the laughter grew  louder.  Billy got so scared  he ran to his  bed and covered himself  with his  comforter A minute or so passed, the foul smell was  growing that it  invaded his nostrils. He  was already gagging. Then he  realized  he had a  lampshade on his bedside  table. He reached  for the switch  and it illuminated the whole room.  He was alone in his room. The laughter  also stopped. He  guessed that the intruder had already left.  Then he  realized  that  the foul  smell was  coming  from inside  his comforter. Her jerked  the comforter away from  the  bed and to his horror, he found a pair of feet lying on his bed! They They were rotting and blood-soaked.

They looked  like girl’s feet.

Billy  ran outside his room,  definitely spooked.  Before  running out, Billy   swore he saw  the feet move as  if jumping  off the bed  and running  towards him.  He ran  as fast as he  could.  The incident reminded  Billy  of Susan so much that he decided  to pay her  a visit the next day. He went  to her place. Her mom was so angry at Billy,  saying he  was the  cause of her daughter’s  demise. She appropriately hanged  herself  because Billy  refused  to reconcile  with her, she said  in her suicide  letter.  When her  family found her  lifeless  body,  they noticed that Susan  tried to slice off her feet before hanging herself  from a ceiling bar. Billy  went to Susan’s grave and asked for forgiveness. The next time we saw Billy, he was  alone. He told us that he was  not interested in dating anymore. He also hated looking at any girl’s feet. He had changed  for the better,  he claimed. And so  we believed him.

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