Father Martin’s Message

On a crisp October morning in  1964 we received word of  the death in a highway accident of a young friend,  Father Martin. He had been assistant to the pastor  at a church near our  home in Richmond Heights, Missouri,  He had   fallen asleep at the wheel of his car and crashed head-on into a  huge tractor-trailer rig. He was  dead when the highway patrolmen arrived.

His body was brought back to his church where he lay in  state for several days while stricken parishioners filed past  the casket to pay their final homage. My family and I were  among the mourners.

Although I am not a Catholic, Father  Martin had been a good friend with whom I had spent many pleasant hours discussing the  Bible,  theology, and the  hereafter. We often discussed whether the Jewish people in  Biblical times had believed in life after death, or if  this precept is peculiar  to Christian teachings.

Early in  the afternoon before his funeral on November  8, 1964, we visited  the church once more. As I knelt  before the casket I wondered; Had  Father now learned the answers to all the questions we had  been asking?

About 3:15 afternoon,  having  returned  from a  shopping trip,  I started  downstairs to the laundry room.  Suddenly and inexplicably I felt  someone  or something  close behind me. An ice-cold surge of  terror  paralyzed  my  body. I couldn’t move! All I could  see was  a mist, but  the  mist formed a human outline.

It was  father Martin – his  distinctive face,  light hair, and slim form. Although it seemed longer.  the experience  lasted   little more than a few moments. The mist dissolved  and my  paralysis lifted.

Now, years later, I am certain of what happened  that autumn afternoon, and I know what it meant. Father Martin and I had  talked  many times of ghostly visitations during  the first days after death. In a most convincing manner he had  given me  definite proof of survival beyond physical death.

Beverly C. Jaegers

 Richmond Heights,  Missouri

July 1971

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