By Christine

It was my first time to be  early to  get to my school in Marikina. I went to my grade 4 classroom but there was nobody around.  I didn’t know that we were supposed to be in line at the hall.  I decided to wait in the classrom.

After a while  I got bored waiting for my classmates. I took out my book  in Reading and read some stories.  I heard children laughing and shouting outside,  whom I thought were my classmates . I stood up and the laughing  and shouting stopped, I looked  outside but no one was coming up yet.

I got bored again  so I started to arrange  some of the books  on the  shelf.

Then I heard children laughing again.  I stood up again and when the noise didn’t  stop I carefully looked outside.  Aaaahhh! It was a girl, a creepy horrible girl! She had long hair covering her  face. She was in a very dirty white dress. Her dress was ripped and her nails were  colored red (Its blood ) Ewwwww! And yes she was covered with blood.

She same closer and closer to me! I began to sweat. When she was just about  three meters away from me, the bell rang and the students started coming  up to their respective classrooms.  The girl smiled and  went away.

It was scary! I told my   friends about what I saw.Some of them believed while some of them didn’t. She even  followed me home!

When I was about to sleep, I saw the girl smiling at me from the window. She was floating outside.I screamed. “Aaaahhh!” I went to my mom and  slept there. I never saw her again but maybe she will haunt you if you study at my school.

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