By: Aaron Petuco

Im a student currently at smcqc and there is an old story about our auditorium. They say it was during the 70s or the 80s when this happened but im not sure of it. The story goes that there was a student named Dulce. She was beautiful and she’s good at playing the piano. Most of the time she would play the old piano on our auditorium.

Then one time she was playing the piano alone inside the auditorium and as the story goes a janitor who liked her raped her im just not sure if the janitor raped hee on stage or at the back stage. There are many variations of the story eh but after the janitor had his way with her.

He decided to kill her cause he knew that if someone knew about what happened he might lose his job and get thrown into jail so he got a rope and started strangling her after that he was still not contented and she started butchering her body piece by piece some say he hid it underneath the stage some say he buried the different body parts in different parts of the school.

Until today were not certain if it really happened but i remembered when i was still in grade school i went with my friends to the old library to see if Dulce was in any of the old year books. Then we found an old year book maybe it was in 70s i don’t know cause its so old and the year printed on everyside of all the year books has faded or torn so we looked at the pictures and names of the students and there was a student named Dulce Roces.

But there is no picture of her that’s kinda strange since all the other students on that page has there pictures above there names and she was the only one who hasn’t but still i cant be sure if it was her since the stories that were told to us when were young by the older batches doesn’t include her surname but in all of the year books that we manage to look at she is the only one named Dulce. And Im just gonna include my personal experience about that here.

When i was in grade 3 we were playing hide and seek i remembered that day cause its ah rainy day and my parents picked me up late. So we were playing then i thought “no one would be able to find me in the audi!” so i hid there and a few of my friends maybe were 7 all of us were guys. So were hiding and its damn dark inside the auditorium we hid in the audience area near the three large doors at the back at that time i didn’t know the story about Dulce.

So we were hiding at the audience seats and then i remembered one of my friends asked “naririnig niyo ba yun?”then i told him”wag ka nga maingay mamaya marinig tayo na taya eh!” or something near that then my friend who is beside me told me”uy may tao o!” then i said “wala naman eh” then the my other friend told us yun o! Then we all turned around and look at who or rather were he is pointing then at that time i regret turning around!

Cause we all saw a girl in the piano as if she getting ready to play it then she started playing at first it was pretty mellow then it became angrier. Then she stood up and screamed very loudly like a painful shrill that’s when we all started running towards the door but its closed shut so were banging it hard to try and open it but were just grade 3 so there is really nothing much we can do and then my friend shouted! “wala na siya doon” i don’t know if we should feel relief or we should be mode frantic to try and open tbe door immediately cause who knows sge might be just in our backs or on the center isle and walking towards us.

Then the door opened up and there was a manang who told us ” ano bang ginagawa niyo diyan bawal diyan ah but we couldn’t answer cause were all scared shit strait so we never played inside the auditorium again. That old piano was long gone i didn’t know what did they do to it. So there goes my experience and knowledge about Dulce.

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