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By: Frenchi Van Kahambing

This particular story happened  to me and my best friend when we were both at the school ‘s computer laboratory.   It was a typical afternoon  when Raymond  and I decided  to hang out at the computer  lab since  it was a vacant period.  We went inside to play some of the installed games in the computers there. We unlocked  the door  and luckily, we found  no one inside, Raymond and I were noisily chatting, and then suddenly, the laboratory coordinator, Miss Judy, entered the lab unexpectedly.  We thought  she was going to  scold us but unfortunately,  it was the  other way around.” Hey Frenchi  do not allow any student to enter the computer lab.  I will only   allow the two of you to play here. Understood?”

I politely nodded  and Miss  Judy soon left us.  Raymond locked  the entrance door and  went back to his computer. We  were actually sharing one computer  as we played  Pac Man. All of a sudden, we were both startled as one of  the computers, which was just two meters  away from us,  just turned  on by itself.  Raymond approached that unit  and was  surprised to see that  there was  no start-up option  at the monitor. “This is  absurb!” he exclaimed. “I think  you are  just  imagining  again, Frechi!” Although I was still wondering how it happened, I just ignored it and focused  back my attention to my playing. A few minutes after,  both Raymond and I were once  again taken a back when we saw that the AVR had turned off by itself. We stared closely at the PC then the  monitor automatically turned on with  the start-up  options showing  on the monitor, although the AVR was indeed switched off!

We had  no second  thoughts  of  running  as fast as  we could outside the laboratory.  That incident truly made  a mark in my consciousness. Since then,  I have learned  to believe  in spirits roaming  around the  world of the living. There is some hearsay  and  stories circulating at school  that a female ghost named  Barbra has been haunting  the school   building, including the computer  laboratory. They said that she was  just there, wandering   around the school  premise, and I personally believe  it was  Barbra  who had  turned off  the AVR at the computer  lab. I’m sure  that she  has no  intention  of harming anyone at school , but the thought of feeling  her presence  again  would obviously scare  the hell out of me.

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