Checking Out the Bride

On Friday, December 11, 1998, I went to bed early, hoping  to get a  good night’s sleep. At about  2:00 A.M. I woke up for  no apparent reason. I rarely do this, so I already had an  odd  feeling. I got a drink of water and decided to  read  until I  fell asleep again.

I went to the dresser to get my book, and I saw a woman in the mirror. I could only see her  silhouette, but her  hair was nicely styled and she was  wearing long sleeves. We  watched  each other for a couple of minutes. Then I woke my  fiance.

“Dwayne, There’s someone in the mirror, and it’s not me!” I told him. He rolled over and  asked what she  wanted.  I replied that she was  just looking at me. Dwayne  was already asleep again, and having seen ghosts  before and  knowing that this one meant  no harm, I decided to bid  the woman in the mirror good night and go back to sleep myself.

On Monday afternoon,  Dwayne told me his Aunt Mary  had died on Friday. He asked me to describe the  woman I  had seen. I told him about her clothes and how  she  wore  her  hair  up with loose curls on the sides. She was  a little  larger than I  but I almost the same height. Dwayne told me  that I had just described his aunt.

I believe his aunt wanted to see the  woman he had  decided to marry, since he is the  baby  of the family.  So, Aunt Mary, it was  nice to meet you.  You can  rest  assured that  I love Dwayne, and I will  take good  care of  him.

Joyce Doran

Fort Worth, Texas

 April 1999


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