By: Oal Naj

I had this experience before when I was with my sister strolling in her newly bought car by our dad. She showed me all their classes and buildings… one time I had to excuse myself because her Prof that time was not allowing to have a visitor in her class to seat in.. So I went outside.

I had to smoke… then.. Since I didn’t have a light I asked a passerby’s… it was past 6pm. I don’t know But it was already dark by that time. I decided to go to the carpark. Alone….

When I was abt to reach our car. I noticed this little girl standing at the back of our car.. her face was so vivid that I was not even having any doubts.. why.

So when I was abt to approach her… She began to cry..

There was no one in there.. so as soon as i started to run to her…Her eyes turned red. I was stunned….I didn’t notice I was already standing in the middle of the road (sunken garden area)and someone was already blowing his car’s horn at me.

So when I looked at the man driving the van and apologized.. I looked back at the young girl.

But she was gone. I remember it was like 3-5secs only that I turned my head to the van… it Gave me fright. But I still went to where the girl was standing… there I saw an underwear on the ground…. like of a 5 or 7yr old’s undie..full of blood stains… I can’t forget that experience. Really until now….


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