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By: Sharron Navera

My gay friend  Jerry who lives in Pampanga has an  extensive collection of antique furniture be inherited from his parents. Most  of the pieces in the collection are from houses that had been  sold or abandoned.

He made a business out of restoring these worn out  furniture. Some  were restored  and brought into his house. His sister Jaime  gave him a  complete collection of antique  furniture- from a huge king-sized bed  and several  mix-and-match chairs, a huge  dining table,  antique rocking  chair,  and a cabinet made of glass. These came  from an abandoned  house that had been  torn down in Bacolod.  Amazed by the furniture, he  quickly restored them and placed them in his guest room.  September 2002,  his sister decided to be wed in  Pampanga. That  week,  most of the relatives of the groom  decided  to stay in the  bride’s  house three days before the wedding day.  That night, Jaime  and her  13-year-old soon to be  sister-in-law decided to stay in the guest room. Jaime was excited to try the bed  that she gave to Jerry.

The next day, Jerry saw that Jaime was very angry. She said that her future sister-in-law stained the bed  forgetting that she had her period. Jerry went upstairs to look at the damage done to his furniture. He saw  a huge stain that almost covered a quarter of the mattress on the bed. He  informed Jaime that he will  tell his  labandera to clean the mattress. After the wedding, he was planning  to replace it. At breakfast, he asked Jaime’s soon to be sister-in-law about the  bloodstain on the mattress. She said  that her period  was not due  for another  two weeks. She was  quite surprised herself to wake up to a lot  of blood.  She thought it was Jaime who was  having her period. Jaime  informed  her that  she just  had her period the week before.  That night,  the two girls decided to put extra sheets to cover the  dried bloodstain. Jaime was so tired that she went right  to bed.  Moments  later,  Jaime felt a warm liquid on her back,  soaking her. She woke up  and shook her future sister-in-law thinking that the latter wet the bed. Her future sister-in-law said that she did not do anything to wet the bed  and the  she was sure that she wasn’t  having her period. Jaime got up and  turned on the light. She saw a huge pool of blood in the middle of the  bed.  She woke Jerry up,  showed  him the stain. He said  that the labandera probably did not wash off all the blood.  He said  that they  should just  get  the extra mattress from the  antique shop.  The two tried  to sleep again with the replacement mattress in place.  The next morning, Jaime saw her future sister-in-law standing on the  side of the bed. She was  pointing at something.  Jaime saw that there was  a big  bloodstain on the bed again.  Jerry  decided to call a priest. They held a short  mass and the bed  was prayed over. The night before the wedding, a new mattress  was placed on the antique bed.  Jaime laid down her gown on it together with the other things that were to be used  for her big day.  She went out to the  patio for her bridal shower. After an hour ago, her mother thought she’d show off Jaime’s wedding  dress. When  she opened the lights  in the guest room,  she almost  fainted. The dress was covered with blood.  The next morning, I got a call. I was immediately  sent to  Guagua,  Pampanga to assess the situation.  Jerry told  me the story.  I asked him  to send in the other mattresses that were used in the room.  When I examined the mattresses. I noticed that the bloodstain  patterns were all the same.  I decided to spend the night in the room  and slept on one of the mattresses. At about 2:26 in  the morning,  I felt a sharp  pain in  my tummy. Then a warm liquid trailed  down my back. I  also felt something on my legs and my neck.  I asked the entity to talk to me.  A flash came and I saw a man of about  30 wearing  a white shirt and maong pants leaving the room.  I reported  to Jerry  what happened  and I asked  him to research his documents  on the antique furniture that his  sister gave him.

Staying  for another  night,  I called someone  from my team  to sleep on the bed  while I observe everything that would happen.At past  two in the morning, I felt a cold air pass me by. I saw dents on  the bed next to my teammate. I woke him up. Blood  suddenly  appeared  on the bed. First were a few  drops of blood  near the pillows. Then more blood appeared on the  waist area.  The concentration of  the blood  pool was  on the stomach area. I took pictures of the scene.   The next morning, I asked Jerry to show the picture to a crime  investigator.  His uncle was a retired police inspector so we showed him  the pictures. He said that the stains indicated that someone  was beaten,  then raped and stabbed on the stomach. He also received a report from the owner of the bed. It showed  that  the bed and other furniture belonged  to a woman named Alice, 38 years  old.  Her family owned several hectares of farmland in Bacolod in the 70s. She was single and the only heir to the property.  One night,  several men broke into her house  and raped her. They killed her after that. The  caretaker found her two days later. The suspects weren’t caught and her house was abandoned. No one dared live in it.

Jerry decided to pursue the case  to give closure to the poor woman’s  plight. Now,  the case is still going on. Three of the eight  suspects were caught,  some are already dead- either killed or died of natural death.

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