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 By Jonathan C. Celeste

We  Filipinos  have  a number of traditions and superstitious beliefs  that we  religiously observe. We have  practices for getting married, taking care of a newborn child,  and even for constructing or moving into a new house.  As a  Pangasinense, our family  keeps  some rituals too.

When my sister’s house was built,  Pangasinenses that we  were, we kept  our belief  that before  laying the groundwork of any construction, Animals’ blood should  be  poured  on the pillars of the house  so that the  house could withstand any earthquake  that will  rock its foundation.

It was  just like  in the Bible when God ordered Moses to paint the door of every Israelite’s house with lamb’s  blood so that the Angel  of Death would pass over them.  thus giving birth to the feast of the passover.

My uncle who headed the team that built  my sibling’s house bought a live  goat, offered it to the spirits of the place, slaughtered the animal  and poured the goat’s  blood on the pillars. The tradition also applies to the construction of bridges.

In our province of  San Carlos City,  Pangasinan, old folks in town say that to make a bridge strong, humanblood must be offered, preferably  a child’s blood.   Our old  folks  used t his belief to scare children in town who  played outside at night.

They say a man from the construction team will get the naughtiest kid and offer  his/her blood. Although this speculation that a kid’ blood is offered was never proven, it grow in popularity and gained the notoriety of an urban legend.

As I was growing up,  I thought  this weird practice was only at tall tale.  But something  happened to our community in Sta Cruz, Manila that made me  think twice.

The house next to ours was a big old Spanish house. It belonged to an old rich clan whose surname can be found  in one of Paranaque City’s streets. Since there was  no one else left to inherit the house, the family decided to sell it to some real estate developers.  The new owners wanted the old creepy house torn down.  In its place, a five- story apartment was to be built.

Naturally, a throng  of constructions workers was deployed  to build the edifice.  As they were about  to tear down the old house, the team encountered  several difficulties.  First, they had a  hard time pulling down the steel  rope  they tried to one of the  walls of the house.

After about two days of painstaking effort  and mind-boggling brain-storming  on what strategy best be  used to bring  down the wall.  An old  Visayan  carpenter named Mang Simon (not his real name)  suggested  to his  foreman that  they  make an offering to the spirits of the dwelling.

At first the foreman was confused. How could  an offering being down a wall?  But he was running  out of ideas, so he  obliged. The crew bought  a live chicken. slit its throat and offered its blood to the spirits.

The following day, on their first attempt to tear down the wall,  they were all  surprised when the wall was easily brought crashing down to the ground. They were  even more surprised when they were clearing the rubble.  Three skulls and several human bones were unearthed on  the site! How could that be  when an old  house was  the only structure on the site all this time?

Mang Simon said they might have  been buried there for the longest time. But  to whom did the skulls belong to? The old  man said, maybe when the  house was being  buitl,  three human beings were sacrificed and offered to the spirits.

A month passed and the rubble had been moved. The construction team  began to dig into the earth to lay the foundation for the building’s  pillars. One Friday morning,  shocking news awakened our community. Mang Simon  was found brutally stabbed  in the heart in the makeshift  laborers’ quarters of the construction site.

His co-workers said Mang Simon probably had a fight with someone he was  drinking with. The old man just couldn’t  hold his  liquor and would  become hotheaded  whenever he got drunk.  He must have pissed  off someone  more violent than him.

The night before,  the workers said,  Mang Simon just normal . He cooked the crew’s dinner and played some cards and went out for a drink. Nobody noticed when  he came back to the site.   What made this  creepier was Mang  Simon’s corpse was practically  emaciated  thin and dried up, when only last night,  he was positively plump.

Mang Simon’s autopsy  report  declared he died  of 13 stab wounds,  Not only  that, Mang Simon’s body had  only shed about a  cup of blood when  he was  being  embalmed. His body had been bled dry! I don’t know  if it was just plain  coincidence but  the day the poor Mang Simon was found dead, the foreman ordered the immediate  pouring  of cement on the site. Mang Simon’s case was  logged  with the police  but to this day,  no one was every caught.

Months’s  passed and soon no one in the community  remembered  the crime. The building was finished  and new neighbors  moved into the brand  new apartment.  The place bore no  traces of the brutal crime  that took  place there.

Until  one  night.  The maid  of a Chinese family that lived in  one of the units woke up  shouting  at the top of her lungs.  She said she saw bloodstains painted inside her room.

The following  day, they found out this was  the exact are where  Mang Simon’s  body was found.

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