Afterlife Is Beautiful

In 1996,   My husband` passed away,  and my oldest daughter  took it really hard. She had never been  much of  a reader,   but something told her  to start reading books about life  after death.

She started going to bookstores and reading all  those books.Once I asked her, “What are you looking for?”  She replied, “Mom, when I find it, I’ll know.”

A few  months later, she  asked me to come over because she had something she wanted me to hear. She told  me she  had started to read The dead Are Alive by Harold Sherman, She didn’t even  finish the first chapter before she knew this  was the one she was looking for.

The books  tells you how to speak to the dead  on a  casette player.  The funny part is,  a few weeks before my husband died,  he had given her a cassette player.

At the time she wondered why he would   give her something like that-  she had no use for it.  She put the tape  player  away and  forgot about it, until she read  The Dead Are Alive.

She took out the  tape player and decided to see what she could get  on it,  if anything. This would be  a good time,  since her husband was at work and  the children were all in  school.

The house was quiet and she hit “Record ” on the  tape player. Not really expecting to get anything, she was in  total shock when she  played  the tape back, only to hear her father speaking to her:

“Hi  Chris, I’m happy. It’s so beautiful here- you have no idea. Our life is just a whisper. Don’t grieve for me,  my daughter. I love you.”

Since then,  we have  made many tapes, and we have heard  from many deceased family  members, Sometimes it’s just a “Hi.”

We accept this as a gift from God -One that we treasure.

Dolores Wienchutoni

Somerville,  New Jersey

July  1999

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