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A Walk in the Park


Eight years ago my newlywed husband and I  were enjoying exploring the quaintness of our  adopted state and found  ourselves at an outdoor art show. It was a glorious fall  afternoon, and the park was packed with vendors showing their wares. For Vermont, the event had drawn a good crowd of people.

I remember feeling so happy and carefree, walking casually about. I looked  out ahead, people-watching, and a  familiar face jumped out from the others. A chill of what I  thought was recognition ran through me, from scalp to fingertips and down to my toes.

Some fifty feet before  me was  my first love, Frank-but it  couldn’t  be. He lived in New  Mexico now. I knew it could not be him, but it was . He was walking right  to me. I suddenly  felt at ease and  strangely calm. I reached  out to my  husband, who was but  an arm’s length away.

At that moment I was  stunned as my  old flame walked, seemingly, right into me. I felt nothing  but a wave of peace and contentment. My husband had turned  to see why I had  paused, and I  beseeched him,” Did you see  that? That was  Frank!”  I turned  to point out the “man” that had just passed, but he  was gone. “He’s disappeared!”

I felt  a need to follow in the direction that “frank” had  gone.  We ended up across the street from the park, in a  used bookstores. It had been a huge house originally, and we  wandered from room to room, browsing. I felt that I was searching for something, but didn’t know what it could be.

In a dark hallway was a single bookcase, filled with dusty volumes that time had forgotten, one of  which called to me. I picked it out and opened it to find a  pressed four-leaf clover among the pages. A chill ran  through me once again as I read the title page: Natural L aw  in the Spirit World.  I bought the book.

A week later I received  word that Frank had passed away the very day that I saw him in the park. I believe that he had  come to say goodbye and make sure that I was happy in my life, assuring me good luck with the four-leaf clover  and trying to give me understanding of life and death through the book.

Heather Froeschl

Roanoke, Virginia

September 2000

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