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By: Shandy Roque


It was  my second year in College. I attended one of the yearly  open houses in one of the dormitories there.  At that time,  two of  my friends invited me  to stay in their room and read for the people  who would drop by. It was a very good business deal that I could not  refuse-free-flowing wine,  a lot of food,  and a month’s allowance. One of our friends arrived when the event was about to end.  She  brought along a friend who had been asking to meet me and who  was eager to have a  reading with me. Since  we were pressed for time and I didn’t want my friends to be  fined  for breaking their curfew, I offered to read her in one  of the benches outside the dormitory.  We were very near the entrance that I could  hear the announcements blaring from the  speakers. The noise was very distracting but I was  able to  push through with the  reading.  When I was about to pick up  one  of the cards drawn by any querent, the death of one of the residents in another dormitory was announced.  We were asked to say a  prayer for  her. Earlier that week,  during an event in another area of the university, a drunk driver crashed into a ticket booth which was located on the  driveway of the dormitory.  The students who were  manning that booth were severely injured. One of them was a girl who barely survived the tragedy. She was  in the hospital for several days before she passed away.  Pausing from my reading. I bent my head and said a prayer, “May you find happiness wherever you are now….” I was about to lift my head when I felt  a light  and feathery touch on  my shoulder. How can I be happy? I didn’t get the chance to tell him how I feel….

Goose bumps ran up  and down my body. Even without turning my  head I could see her image behind me. And then, in a few seconds,  the eerie image was gone. The atmosphere  was peaceful one more. Being a very sensitive person,  my friend immediately noticed the  change in my expression and asked me what happened. I gave my  explanation nonchalantly, not wanting to scare them. She told me that she  felt it too.  The eerie feeling that something unseen was hovering behind  me. A bit rattled,  I continued my reading. After that,  we headed home.  A few days later, I told one of my friends what happened. She  stayed in the same dormitory as the girl who died, she knew the girl very well. In fact, she wouldn’t stop venting  out her  anger towards the man who caused her friend’s death during our conversation. As I relayed what happened  during a  reading, two names flashed in my  head- a man named Jon (fictional name to protect the guy’s identity)  and an  organization that sounded like “Silakis.”  I was a bit perturbed  because I have  never heard  of this organization before. However,  knowing  that my gift has limitations,  I prodded my friend to think of  an organization that has a  name that  sounds like  Silakis or at least  try to recall if  the victim had ever mentioned a person named Jon.  It is difficult  to  convert  energy to names.  It’s like grasping  letters from thin air.  My friend looked at me thoughtfully and told me that she remembered hearing the victim talk about a “Jonski” but she wasn’t know  much about the girl’s organizations. She did not even know if the organization I mentioned existed.  I told her  to ask around and tell other people about the story hoping that the message would reach the person concerned through this story.  In other words, I was letting fate take over.  A few weeks later,  I headed to the tarot card reading booth in Robinson’s Galleria in order to report for work.  I don’t  usually read on  Fridays but that night,  they needed  an extra hand. That day,  one of my co-workers’ friends dropped  by for a  visit and I was  introduced to her. The  accident in the university and the girl who died were brought up during  the conversation.  I told them the communication I had with the girl.  Jam, my co-worker’s friend, was  a bit stunned. She immediately confirmed that Jon and the girl who died were a member of an organization  with a name close to Silakis.  She also promised that she  would relay the  message to Jon as soon as possible.  I was awed by the way things just fell into place. Also, I  was a bit frightened.  Sometimes, it is better  when the things that  are out  of the ordinary are left unconfirmed. It is much easier to  dispute by saying that they are only a  figment of one’s imagination.  A week-later, my co-worker informed me that Jam met up with Jon that Monday and finally relayed  the message  to him.  She wasn’t able  to relay the message  during the weekend but strange things made  her rush to Jon  when Monday  came.   During the two  nights  following our  Friday conversation,  the temperature in her room was very low and she could feel a presence  hovering around.  She kept  on getting goose bumps and couldn’t  sleep at night. After talking to Jon,  she sensed a feeling of calmness wafted in the air.  She said  that  it was like  a turbulent  storm coming  to an end.

I am very familiar with the  feeling.  It is the  same feeling  I get  whenever I see  a spirit go to  the light whenever I do some  questing. I  smiled. In my mind, I know that the girl’s spirit had been put to rest. Her  message has been said by the mouth of the living. And one young man will live on,  knowing  that he had been loved  and that a  special person  in  his life had finally found  peace  in  the other side.

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