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A Gift of Reassurance

I was spending the weekend with my dear friend Jackie. Sadly, two weeks earlier she had  buried a friend from her cancer support group.  At the end, this poor young woman-suffering  so with pain,  worried over  the teenage daughter she  was leaving behind, and very frightened naturally  took out some of  her fear and frustration on those around her.

Jackie spoke of her uncertainty that their  relationship  was intact at the end.  Did her friend forgive her  for  impatience Jackie might have shown, in response  to the dying  woman’s  demands and sharp works? As  Jackie perceived  it, their  long friendship had ended badly- and unresolved . She was  tormenting herself with this analysis.

My angels,  whom I hold close and  their  counsel dear,  popped the answer into my  head,  one I personally would  not have  been so bold to say by myself. I suggested to Jackie that soon after death, sometimes one can  call out to a  soul for reassurance, resolution- perhaps a sign. There are hundreds of such documented, true accounts.

We pleaded with the woman’s spirit to show  us some sign  that she understood, and was  happy and free of human frailties and faults; that all was forgiven and restored. With  this , we continued  with our relaxed evening of television and talk of other things, laughing at ourselves to think anything would actually happen, and in  any case, having no clue what to  expect.

then, quite suddenly, a paper that had been well secured to the refrigerator for a  long time flew off,  did several curls in the air, and came to lay on  the carpet in the center of the  room. We didn’t think much about it, and replaced the  paper,  checking for drafts or vents,  but finding nothing.

Then, a nearby floor lamp began to flicker, Jackie inspected the wire, bulb, wall switch, and base. We considered the lack of road traffic or inclement weather. She insisted  this had  never before  occurred. I joked that maybe  her friend  on the  other  side was truly attempting to give  a signal. We were  spooked,  but thought we were simply missing a  natural  phenomenon.

Later,  the light flickered  again, this time staying off longer at each interval. Now,  we were calling  her friend ‘s name aloud and welcoming her visit and response.

Finally,  the strangest, most  convincing thing of all  occurred. Jackie had a  small dish of candy  sitting back on a  cupboard  across  the room. By now, we were  quite alert, not  distracted  by the  television. I was thinking  only of how  wonderful it  was to be blessed by signs  which might  come  to comfort  my friend.

We watched  in amazed silence as a  chocolate candy kiss rose  from the  dish,  floated horizontally  across several feet of airspace,  and tumbled to an  abrupt landing  at Jackie’s feet. We sat  in  utter  shock,  neither of us able to believe our  very  sober eyes, and too frightened to touch the candy.

I  was covered in goose bumps and my  hair stood  on end.  Several moments passed before either of us  could speak, but when we did, it was in  a fast-paced, nervous chatter. We  recognized that we had,  in fact, been contacted.

Later, we thanked the spirit for her  grace and all that it  took to convince us. Jackie expressed, through joyous facial  features and relaxed shoulder muscles, that she  believed her  friend was all right, forgave her ( as if that were necessary),  and loved  Jackie for caring for her until the end of her  earthly life.

We are now certain there is  another existence-a kinder, gentler  life beyond this one, where a Supreme being occasionally allows for the gift of  reassurance and  hope.

Maureen McNulty

Columbus,  Indiana

April 2000


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