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Home / Filipino Horror Stories / A DEAD GIRL’S RING



By: Sharron Navera


This case was my first  experience in questing.  It happened  accidentally in a newly built  subdivision in Urdaneta,  Pangasinan. I  was one of the event participants in opening it. Since I was known to be  a clairvoyant, several people were asking me if the place was haunted. I said that I was yet to know.  A custodian named Hilda went up to me during my break  and told me a fascinating story.  Her shift starts from 6 in the morning. That morning,  she was ordered  to sweep one block of the subdivision in preparation for the municipal inspection.  While she was sweeping, she thought she saw an image of a  young lady in a white dress running across the street.  Hilda shrugged it  off thinking  that it was just one of the duwendes (as she firmly  believes  in them.)

The next day,  as she was watering the plants in the same block, she  saw the same lady standing in the middle of the block. She called one of  the sales agents thinking that girl was a buyer.  But when they returned  to where the lady was, she was gone.  Hilda asked the guards who started their shift the night before it  they saw the  said girl. One night-shift guard said that while he was conducting his usual  inspection  of the place, someone  brushed past him.   A black figured moved towards the block where Hilda saw the young  lady.  The guard said that he thought  it was an intruder.  He chased  the figure but it disappeared into a huge  wall.  Sometimes Hilda said functions were held  inside the club house. One night, after the caterers were done setting up the ballroom, the  forks  and knives were discovered to be missing. After a quick search,  the utensils were found lined up  on the floor, pointing at one direction-towards  the block where the young lady was always seen.    When she told the electrician about this,  the electrician asked where  all of the forks and knives were pointed at. He then  digging and  found a ring. It was made of gold,  it was a wedding ring.  It had an image of  a flower carved on it.  It had an inscription  but it was  illegible.  The electrician said that it must have cost something  that he gave it to  Hilda to pawn.  That ring was  shown to me by Hilda. Ever since   she had the ring  in her possession,  her grand daughter would  always get sick  and would  sleep throughout the day.  They consulted an albularyo  but there was no  apparent diagnose.  I asked for the ring. When she  handed me the ring,  it vibrated and  it was extremely hot.  Vision came like watching a movie in high speed.  Then my hand got stiff and I tried throwing the ring,  but it would not budge. It was stuck.  I stood up slowly and walked towards the pond.  I placed  my hand  and my stiff arm in  the water. The ring dropped on the bottom of the  pond. As the ripple cleared,  I saw a reflection of a girl  I asked for a rag, and took the ring . I threw  the ring in the opposite  block from where the ring was found.  I asked Hilda to take me to where  the ring was found. I, Hilda, and my two colleagues  walked there. There, we found the ring. Everyone was amazed. There was really something weird happening.  I took the ring again with my bare hands and visions started coming  in. I asked the entity to take me in her time  line instead.

It was early in the morning. I was taken to a small barrio  near a  stream. A girl smiled at me,  she had a long,  black hair.  Her complexion was darkened by the sun,  but her face was angelic.  As she smiled,  her  eyes were reduced to two lines, her lips  were shiny as if she  was wearing  a lip gloss. She had a heart-shaped face.  she was petite. She was about 16 years old.  The year was 1963.

The entity asked me  to go with her.  We sat on a bench facing  the  small stream. She took the ring from  my hand and wore it.  She said it  was given to her by her late mother.  I asked why she  was not at peace.  She told  me that she  wanted justice. Then the place became dark.  I was  yet again transport  to another  time.  I saw her  on her way  home from  selling bagoong,  she passed by the rice field (the same  spot where the subdivision was built) When  a man grabbed her from  behind.  He dragged  her into the rice field.  And raped her.  After the  perpetrator was done,  she recognized him as her uncle  from the city.  He was clad in  leather  jacket  and pale jeans.  She ran and shouted  for help, she was  in panic. Her uncle caughtup with her,  stabbed her, and slashed her neck.

She dropped  her ring as  she was being dragged towards the road.  The case was never solved. She gave me her ring back. I asked  what she  wanted me to do. She  pointed at a house.  Asked me to tell  them what happened to her.  At that instant,  I was  transported back  to the present time. I studied   the house  that she  pointed at.  I came to see a house outside of the  subdivision. It was concrete and had a small garden in front.  I went  to the house, pretended to ask for water, and went in. I saw a picture of a man heavily built,  around late 30s. I asked  who he  was.  The owners of the house said that he was  their grandfather. He lived  in Manila but came back to the  province to retire. He died two years  ago.  I showed the owner of the house the ring that was  found  in the  subdivision. Her eyes opened wide,  and exclaimed that it was  from her  Tita Juliana was killed.  She was  found on the road lifeless and they first  thought that she was a hit-and-run victim.  However, the medical examiner said  she  was raped. No one knew who did it. The picture of the uncle  suddenly fell on  the floor.  It became  extremely cold in the  house.  Drops of blood were seen on the picture. The owner of the house was clearly spooked and asked me what was happening. I told her the story.  After  I am  done  telling the story,  the temperature became normal.  She said that before  her grandfather died,  he told  them a story.  It was only later that they rialized it was Juliana.  She said that her grandfather really loved her,  and was very close to her.  His attraction to Juliana grew everyday until he was overpowered by it.  Thus,  the crime.  He panicked when Juliana recognized him.  He was so scared that  she might go to the police and have him arrested that he killer her.  He immediately went back to the city after the incident. From then on,  he never had peace.

The homeowner returned the ring to me. She said  she’d go to the  cemetery where her tita Juliana was buried and pray for her soul.  I left the house and returned to the subdivision. I saw Juliana in front of the gates. She smiled and said goodbye. Blew me a kiss. I  acknowledged her back.  I still have the ring with me and  still uses it  every time I go on a quest. It is to remind me how lucky I am to have  this gift.

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