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When I was young, I never believed in ghost. I actually  wished that I could see a ghost myself since I have a third eye. I never thought my wish would come true.  But it did come true.  This is  my story. I was  left in our house on a Saturday evening. My parents went out to watch my sister’s play. Since I wasn’t  interested.  I decided  not to go. Even the maids  went too.  It was 9 in the evening and I was alone watching TV. I was  watching a movie in our DVD player  when the TV suddenly  switched off by  itself.  I was so annoyed  since I was watching  a very  interesting movie.  I decided to read a book to fight  off my drowsiness. I was then in my room when I shivered.  It was really strange since  I didn’t  have an aircon in my room. I started  to leave my room and headed  to my mom’s and dad’s room.  Here is the  strange part,  when I was  entering  their room , I saw a man all dressed in white and he was sitting  on their  bed. When he stared at me,  a thought suddenly occurred in my mind.  He seemed familiar to me but  I just couldn’t  remember his name.  Then, he  just vanished in front of me.  The TV then flickered  on. I didn’t  bother to  watch anymore.  I just lay there thinking of him,  trying to remember  his name.

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