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 By: Dennygurl _08

This real story happened to me last March of this year. To others, this could be  just an ordinary tale that everyone might have heard  of already. Yet it still never fails to give me  the creeps  every time  I think  about it.

Personally,  I was never  a believer of ghosts and the paranormal… unti that horrifying morning.  I woke up  at around  4:40 in the morning since I was  about to attend the early  morning church service with my grandmother. After a service, we went straight back  home. Without having removed  my Sunday dress.  I instantly  headed  to my bedroom and  went back  to sleep again. Minutes later, my mobile phone rang. It was my boyfriend calling and he was apologizing  for our misunderstanding  the other night due to some  networks problem.

After a short talk, I hung up and that was  the time  that I thought of  changing my clothes since it was really hot already in the room and the sun was shining brightly outside.  Then I fell back into a deep sleep. Afterwards, I was a bit awakened by another weight in the middle part of my bed.  I really did feel that something heavy had  sat on  my bed.  My eyes were still closed then and I just though maybe it was my aunt who  was trying to wake me up.  Then suddenly the weight came closer and closer that I could  almost feel somebody touching me between my thighs. And I was  completely awakened when I felt  a weight  already lying on top of me as if someone was trying to rape me or strangle me.  It was  really heavy that I couldn’t breathe anymore.  I tried so hard  to open my eyes to see what was it but  I couldn’t  do it.  I felt so  helpless and  frozen.  I can hardly  open my eyes wider  as if someone was preventing me  or controlling me. Although,  I could view a little of my room except that one who  was  on top of me.  Finally,  I got to open my eyes completely.

I prayed  so hard  and loudly that  moment. Then suddenly, that thing was gone,  leaving me breathless, nervous, terrified  and still in shock! I still can’t  believe that it happened. I stayed up in bed thinking if it was just  a dream, but it convinced me that it was not. I really thought I was going to die at that  moment. I thank God for saving me.

I hurriedly ran down the stairs and told everything  to my aunt. She was  not really chocked  but I felt that she was worried for me.  And I was  surprised to know that same thing had happened to her when she  was working in Taiwan  eight years ago. She said  that an  incubus would intend to do such act in a  woman most especially  when she  is tired  and sleepy for he  knows that she can’t fight  when she  attacks her or even  tries to rape her.  The only thing that was hanging in my mind was : “What if I never had a  chance to wake up?” But I still thank  God that I did.

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