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By  Gianna Maniego

  Part one

A group of Broadcast  Communication  students  from the  University of the Philippines College  of Mass  Communication had a class  project to film various areas of the  university. The project  took longer  than expected  and by the time they’d gotten back to  their college, it was  already dark and the campus  was practically deserted. “Oh no,  I forgot, we still have to take footage of the area  behind  the annex.”said  Alicia.

So she  and her  other groupmates lugged  the camera  to the back  of the  CMC  building  to shoot their  last footage  for the  project.  As they  were setting  up, Alicia felt something  tap her on the arm. Looking back, she saw no one behind her. She  shrugged, thinking  one of her groupmates was playing a trick on her or  was trying to creep her out.

Ha,  I don’t  scare that easy, she thought.”Pssssst….”  She heard  next. It came  from the direction of the trees in a shadowy corner of the college grounds.”Ano  ba Gerald, stop it. I don’t scare easy so you’re wasting your time,”she  said.  “Who  are you talking to?” Melissa asked, as she  and Gerald  set down  the light  they got from the building. “Oh, I thought Gerald was trying  to play a trick on me.

It must be  Jekjek,” Alicia  said referring to their  other groupmate. “Jekjek went back to the car to get the spare film.  We ran out,” Geral pointed  out. “Oh,” Alicia kept quiet after that. The parking lot was all the way in front of the  college building. No way that Jekjek could have returned without her seeing  him first  Who could that be? She wondered, annoyed  and vaguely disturbed.  “Guys, let’s  hurry it up.  I need  to get home by  9:p.m.,” said  Melissa .  They immediately set about  their task . In 15 minutes  they were  done. “Pssstt…”

There it was again, that sound. Alicia looked at  Melissa to see if she heard. Melissa was worriedly looking  left  and right. “You heard that, right?” she asked Melissa.

“Yeah. Let’s hurry up and get out of here. It’s giving me the  creeps. My clasmate who  lives in Kalayaan  tells me there are lots of spirits on campus that come out after dark,” her friend said,  hastily putting away  the equipment,  her fingers working  agitatedly. Right,” Alicia  replied skeptically, “although if you ask me, I’m more afraid of  muggers and rapists.  There are a lot of them too around- or so I’ve heard.”

Calling out  to the guys, they immediately packed up and left.

A few days later,  they were back in the building. This  time they were editing their film. It was about 6 p.m. and students were already going home by the time they came to the footage they shot  behind the MassCom building.

Alicia wanted to leave  the editing till morning,  but Gerald , who was seated at the editing console,  said they might not be able to reserve the room in the morning  and the deadline was only two days away.

So they decided to finish it that night,  by hook or by crook. In the beginning  the film is too dark, full of shadows. So Gerald, who was doing the editing, decided  to adjust  the TV and set it to  its brightest.  The images  became  clearer after that.  “Wait! Stop! What’s that?” cried Melissa  Gerald paused the  tape. Frozen on film was the distinct image of a woman, crouching behind  the trees.

Who’s that?” asked Jekjek, “Was there anybody else with us that time?”Nope, Gerald, Melissa and Alicia shook their heads in unison. They blew  up the image on the screen.  It looked hazy, but they thought it was  probably because it was dark.

But when they looked at the eyes, they all began getting goosebumps.  The eyes had no pupils!  They didn’t even look human. Creeped out, Gerald  played the film again  and the scene changed.  Jekjek had shifted the camera to the building. All four watched the next scenes closely to see if the  girl would make another appearance.

But when the camera panned again to the spot, she was no longer there! instead, there looked like a  disembodied head peeking from  behind the talahib. “Oh sh-t! What is that?!!” Jekjek shouted.  “Stop! Ayoko ba, takot na ako! Bukas na natin i-edit yan, pag marami nang tao  sa paligid (That’s enough, I’m already freak out.  Let’s just finish editing that tomorro, when there are other people around us),” Melissa said.

They didn’t  even bother to take the tape out of the player. They simply turned  off the power,  locked the door, and fled  the building.  The next day, when they  met up again, alicia said:

“I told my mom  what we saw. Sabi niya marami talagang multo dyan sa likod. Kasi nung panahon niya, meron daw aksidenteng nangyari sa lugar na yun.  Me sumalpok  na bus  at ang daming namatay. Tapos hindi na  nila-na-cleanse yung lugar, kaya marami pang spirit ang nagkalat. ( My mom said there really are a lot of ghost in that area. She said during her time, there was a bus accident  and a lot of people died, but they didn’t bless  the place to  cleanse it of spirits. That’s probably why a lot of them still hover around the place.)”


Those  weren’t  the only apparitions they saw on the film.

In the footage they took  of the gym, they heard voices of children running  around inside.  But the weird thing about this was, when the  tape was playing at normal speed, nothing happened. But when  they played it while it  was being  fast forwarded or  rewound, they could  distinctly hear voices shouting  and laughing, and running footsteps in the background.

But the creepiest incident of all happened. But when they played it while it was being fast  forwarded or  rewound, they could distinctly  hear voices  shouting and laughing, and running   footsteps in the  background.

But the creepiest incident of all happened after they finished editing  the film.  Alicia  and her groupmates  decided  to drive to Katipunan to grab a bite and  celebrate  their accomplishment.  As they were driving out of campus along Tandang Sora, as they were laughing  and swapping stories, Alicia, who was driving, distinctly heard the sound of running  footsteps.

But there was no one on the street, not even  on the side streets.  “Oh my God, I can still  hear those eerie footsteps in my head!  She said, laughing. Silence greeted her remark.

“You can heard it too?” Gerald and Melissa  asked at the same time.  Alicia turned  the car stereo off and listened carefully.  She noticed that every  time she slowed down, the footsteps would grow softer, and everytime accelerated the footsteps would get louder and  faster.

All this time, Jekjek was oblivious  to what was happening as he had fallen  asleep in the backseat.  All of a sudden he botled awake.  “What’s the matter Jek? Gerald  asked,  looking at his friend’s pale  and sweaty  face. “I’ll tell you later,” he said.

By this time they had reached  a pizza joint in Katipunan and decided to get down from the car.

At first, Gerald, who was in the backseat with Jekjek, couldn’t open his door-as  if someone was pulling  it closed.  Uttering a short prayer under his breath he pushed with all his might on the  door and finally got it open.

Inside the restaurant, Jekjek told them  about the strange dream he had while  he slept in the car.  “I dreamed there was a little boy sitting beside us in the car, in between me  and Gerald.  He was about 7 or 8 years old.  At first his face was  turned away from me. All three of us were not minding each other.

“Later, I heard someone whimpering. It was a little boy. I asked him  why he was crying. Then he  turned to me and stared at me straight in the eye.  There was a big  gash in the middle of his face, running diagonally from the left part of his forehead to his right  cheek and blood was pouring from it.  His left eye was gouged out and the socket was bleeding.

He held out his hand to me.  When I looked, I saw it was bleeding and cupped in the middle of his palm was his eye, the tendons hanging down. It was  then I woke up!” “Oh no,”  Alicia cried. “We brought one  of them  home with us!”

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