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By:  Isabella

This story  was related  to me by  a close friend of mine  who was  also my classmate. Stories of our school  spread  very quickly, but this one was enough to make my  spine tingle. We had  a friend who  claimed that she had the  third eye. One day,  she went to  the CR, which was just near  our classroom. When  she was  about to  go out, she  heard a  low moan behind her. Warily,  she tried to go out of the cubicle, she discovered  she was locked inside.  The cubicle also had a lock outside and someone must have  locked her in!  Looking  behind her  she saw a white figure,  but it was  blurry. Totally  scared  now,  she pushed  on the door with all her  strength and the door finally gave. She ran out of the CR screaming.  The following  day,  we asked  some old  teachers and janitors  about the  afore-mentioned cubicle.  Manong  John,  one of the  janitors, told us that a  2nd year high school  student  was once  locked  in that cubicle, but she  died trying to climb out of it.  She tried  to use the toilet  as leverage  to get to the top,  but slipped and hit her  head  on the toilet  seat.  The  janitors found her  lifeless  body the next day, her skull  cracked  open and  blood  spilled  all over  the floor. Her spirit haunts the cubicle in our CR because  she’s  trying to find her way out.

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