The Crucifix

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By  Santalx

There is only  one experience  in my life  that I would actually call as “ghostly . It  happened  when I was  in my sophomore  year at the University. It was a  Wednesday, the campus  was almost deserted. I had to attend a  lecture that afternoon but I decided to come in early  in the morning  to enjoy  the peace in the library, which could be quite noisy on a regular school day. Besides, I had book with me; a collector’s Edition copy of  Dragonlance  Chronicles .

It was  stilla few minutes before 8 a.m. but the  librarian in the Social  Sciences Department was kind enough to have allowed me in, it was just the two of us inside  the room that early morning.  I chose a table at the far end  of the room  and got down to  some serious  reading.  Only a few minutes  had passed  when I  sensed  strange  movement  in front of me.  I looked  up and I was sure  I had to  pick my  jaw up from the floor.  It was  Kara.  I had a thing for  ever since we were  classmates in P.E. class during  our freshman year. She asked  if she could share my table because she had to do  some  research. Of course I said okay. I even volunteered to help her with her research.

She  gladly accepted. I helped her get the  books we would  need and then divided  up the  topics  she needed. With the  two of us  working,  the research was finished  quickly.  It was  already 11 a.m.  and we  were still  the only ones in the room. She was  arranging  the materials we had gathered when I saw some pictures in her binder. She  allowed me to look at them after I asked.

They were  pictures  of Kara with her friend  Janice and two other friends. I personally knew Janice  because she was also in that P.E.  class and was, in fact,  my seatmate. I asked  if I could  have that picture and she said yes. She even wrote a message and her phone number at the back.  She then  got up  to return some of the books  we had  used while I remained  at the table  to arrange  the materials we were going to have  photocopied.

That was  when I heard  her cry out.  I quickly ran to where I knew she would  be and I saw  her crouched behind  one of  the shelves,  crying  with here arms covering  her  head.  She was whispering . “Go  away,  Leave me alone!”  touched  her shoulder and said  her name.  She recognized me and allowed me to half-carry her  to the table.  I saw the  librarian and her male student  assistant  (SA)  rushing  towards us, asking  what had happened . I answered  that I still  wasn’t sure. I noticed that Kara’s left scandal had come off  and I decided to look for it.

I saw it  near the spot where I found her. I stopped to pick it up and  turned to go  when I suddenly felt a strong tug on  the shoe. I was so surprised that I let go.  Instead  of  falling to the floor, the sandal hovered there waist-high, I heard a gasp behind me  and turned to see the SA standing there. I looked  back at the  sandal hovered there waist-high.

I heard a gasp  behind me  and  turned to see  the SA standing  there. I looked back at the  sandal just in  time to see it hurtling  towards me.  I was able  to move aside but it hit the  SA on his cheek, drawing blood. We quickly rushed  back to the others but before we could tell them  what happened, a  laught that can only be described as demonic  rang out loud in the library room.  The librarian decided  that we should all  leave the room.

We went  to the Administration Office of the library were we told the head librarian what had happened. He  ordered the SA to go to the  campus chapel to inform Father Reyes to bless  the  room. By this time, Kara had  calmed down enought  to decide to attend  the blessing.  I decided to stay with her and  she smiled to say thanks, She till  would not say anything about what happened to her but the fear  on her face  was unmistakable.

I decided   to give  her the crucifix I’ve worn since  high School  and she seemed comforted by it.  The head librarian also called on other workers there so that there would be many of us  during the blessing. Father Reyes then arrived and gave us a religious pep talk to strength our faith and courage to face whatever was in the Social Sciences Department.

He gave  each  of us a candle and wanted us to join hands. Since that  was impossible with the candle,  we decided to hold the  candle on one hand  and the  shoulder of the one  beside us  with  the other.  And then we prayed. All the while, the hairs  at the back of my neck were  standing. There was also a general feeling of  anger and  animostly towards us. Looking  at the others told me that they left it too.

After the  prayers, Fr. Reyes  got out his holy water and started  blessing the library room, concentrating on the area where it happened. He even crouched  down to  bless  Kara’s sandal that we had left there. He the approached Kara and  made a sign of the cross on her forehead with the holy water. He then  went back to bless the other parts of the room. When we were fisnished, I accosted  Kara and  told her  she was safe  now. She smiled  up at me  and agreed.

She started  repeatedly thanking all of us for saving her. We, on the other hand,  couldn’t  say anything because all the while she was  fading  slowly from view until she  wasn’t  there anymore. The SA then exclaimed that Kara’s  things were  also gone.  I was so shocked that I didn’t know what to do. I was dimly aware  that the others were saying  something  but couldn’t  understand  them. I just  got my things  and went home.

The next morning  came but my  mind was still on the events of yesterday .  Part  of me still refused to believe that they actually happened.  It was  only when  I reached  for crucifix  that I realized that it was  still gone. I immediately  looked through my wallet  and found the picture that Kara gave me. I decided to look for  her but I  couldn’t find her, I then decided  to talk to her friend Janice . I found Janice alone and told her what had happened .

By the  time I finished, she was crying. I was puzzled. She then told me  that on Monday  that week,  she  and Kara  were at the library to do some research. They had  only been  there a  short  time when Kara started feeling strange. Janice suggested  that she should  go home  and rest   and Jara agreed. As she watched Kara drive off, Janice  thought  she saw a  figure of a man  on the passenger  front seat but wrote it off as light bouncing  on the glass.

Later that day, she heard that Kara had died when she  crashed  her car  against  an electric pole.  According to Kara’s parents, witnesses reported seeing two people struggling in the front seats of  the car right  before the crash.  Janice agreed to accompany me at Kara’s wake.

Once there, I slowly  approached  the coffin and realized that I didn’t  want to believe that Kara was dead.  When I saw  her lying there, the reality of it hit me like a rock.  It was then that Janice  grabbed  my arm and pointed at something she recognized.

There in the middle of Kara’s chest lay my  crucifix.

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