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By: Ksean


When we were freshmen, we would  usually hang out  in  school  after our speech and Drama Club meetings.  This story happened two years ago.  Our School is one of the oldest and  creepiest  schools in Dipolog City.  I was very curious about the  scary stories that’s been  circulating  around our campus,  especially the ones  about the third floor . I wanted  to go upstairs alone to see if the story were true. My friends Marvi and  Noriane ran to me and asked where I was going so I told them that I  wanted to go upstairs. It was  a quiet Saturday afternoon and we were the  only ones left in that part of the campus because the rest of our classmates  were all in the classroom.  The three of us decided to  go upstairs together. As we were making our way to the  third floor,  we heard a bell ringing.  I thought that it was just the church bell so I continued walking on.   But Marvi and Noriane stopped on their tracks and looked at each other. I was already ahead of them when they called out to me.  When I turned,   I saw that  they had a  startled look.  They too my hands and forced me  down the stairs. All the while,  they were  screaming, clearly spooked.  We all  hurried up back to our classroom and I asked them what scared the silly.  They told me, “Sean, haven’t you heard the bell ring?”

I said, “Yes. That was the bell from the cathedral, right?”

They told me that the sound of the bell from the cathedral couldn’t  have possibly reached our school since we were almost two kilometers  from the church. Not one to believe that we indeed had a ghostly encounter, I answered, “it could easily  be the sound of the bell upstairs. We do  have a chapel upstairs, you know,”

My friends argued  that the sound of the bell seemed to be coming  nearer to us as we were approaching the third floor. They were  implying that the  bell’s sound was  haunting us.  “Something  strange happened back there,” they insisted. We asked the guards if someone rang the bell in the school chapel  and to our surprise, he told us that we were the only ones who were in  that part of the campus at the time we heard  the tolling of the bell. We  had goose bumps right after he said that.

Two years after the incident, we were at the main campus. There  was a school program  so we  participated.  Noriane was then studying in another school but we still invited her to join us since we hardly ever spend time together since she  transferred. I asked both of them to accompany me because I really wanted to take a leak so bad.  We went to  look for the nearest comfort room. When we finally saw the ladies room, we saw that it was closed.  We went to look for another. I wanted to take  them to the plaza since it had a comfort room.   We asked a lady to give us directions to the nearest CR. She told us that there was one beside the laundry room. Noriane, being the  oldest,  was made to go first although she’s only four months older that I and 18 days older than Marvi.  The floor  was slippery so we carefully  made our way towards it but the door wouldn’t  open. Another locked comfort room.  We went outside to  look for another  one but then we heard a strange creepy sound.  Knowing that we were the only ones there, we all looked  at each other and Marvi  shouted, “It’s the bell!”

We all ran towards the crowd until our  feet led us to an open comfort room.

Until now,  we still don’t know  why  we were haunted by a bell’s  sound.  What’s really strange is that only  happened when the three of us were together.

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