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Carla, my cousin, is currently finishing her course in a state university.  She doesn’t  believe in ghosts like I do.  But one morning changed  that.  It was an  usual morning.  She woke up early and took  a bath.  After  taking  a bath,  she decided to have breakfast with her family. Before leaving, she went back to her room to check her things.  As she passed  by her  mirror, she saw the face of her dead uncle.  “Before leaving your school, don’t go near ( name of the street near the campus). Ride with  your friends,” he said  before the  apparition vanished. Spooked out,  she decided to follow the advice. When classes were dismissed, she remembered her uncle’s advice. “Guys, can I ride home with  you na lang?” she asked  her friends.

“Sure, sige!” her friends said.  When they were passing through the road  that her uncle warned her  about,  they heard screams. They decided to  see what was happening. Carla and her friends saw  three girls studying in her  school  dead.  They were lying on the street and there was a knife resting beside one girl’s  body. According to a witness, the three girls were stabbed  by someone.  The students were apparently on their way home when the incident  happened.  My cousin and her friends decided  to go home  and not to  watch anymore since they had to do something. When Carla got home,  she immediately went to her room and pondered on what happened.  Now,  I believe in ghost! she thought. When dinner came, Carla did not  tell her parents what happened near her school. Before going to bed,  she decided to pray for the soul of her uncle and to thank him for saving her life.

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