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 By Liza A. Carlos

Most  of the people  I know have different  stories  to tell about paranormal experience: from  white ladies,  to kapres. apparitions and  noises made by  these beings.

My best friend Rico once told me  his horrific  experience with the unknown. He has  been experiencing  odd things for quite a long time now but he choose to ignore them,  believing  that these  were just  fragments of his imagination.

Sometimes, he  would call me  in the wee hours of the morning just to tell  me that  he had dreamt of his  dead relatives talking to him in his  dreamland. I normally ignored those times  believing  that my  friend was only making  pranks.  I know he doesn’t believe in supernatural things.

But sadly, those  mystical  entities kept on haunting him and telling him that  they exist in our world.  Many have  said that he has  the gift to see things that the ordinary person could  not.  But Rico could not. But Rico could not  accept  that fact.  And for him,  being a clairvoyant is like  living with a curse.

One Saturday evening,  he was quietly relaxing in his room.  His parents  were  out of town to attend  a convention, so Rico was left on his own. It was  already 2 a.m.,  and he still  couldn’t  get to sleep. He got up  and slid in a DVD  in his  player,  hoping  that a  movie will make  him fall  asleep.

While  watching, he suddenly  heard noises that seemed  to be coming  from the  backyard, as if  men were digging  the ground.  He also started  hearing  weird whispers and murmurs  in a language he could not  make sense of  Rico  still managed  to concentrate on the film  he was  watching.

But minutes after,  the noise was already getting  to his nerves. The digging was getting  irritatingly  louder. Finally, he got up  from bed and took  a peek  at the window. But all  he could see  was total  darkness. No one  was there. Oddly,  the hoises were still  there.

Again,  he just  ignored what he was  hearing.  He thought maybe  it was just his uncle,  who was also their  neighbor, who was  creating  such noise.  Suddenly, the noises stopped  and Rico was already sleepy.  He was almost asleep when a figure  of a lady appeared in front of him.  At first he thought maybe he  was just  dreaming or imagining things.

But when  the figure was coming  closer towards  him, Rico  suddenly felt a  gush of cold air touching his skin.  He even saw  his bed  sheets  inexplicably moving as if somone was trying to come near him.  And that was the time that he  knew he wasn’t dreaming at all.  His head  started  to ache.  He couldn’t even  move a single muscle in his body.

To his surprise, his blanket  was pulled  down, as if something or someone was lying beside him and  hugging him.  He even felt an icy cold air touching his lips.

This is it! I cannot stand his  anymore! he thought aloud.  He instantly got up  from bed  and moved  to his parent’s vacant  room.

The following morning,  he told his  parents about  that weird  experience. Obviously, they just laughed to him. His mother  even ecolded him,  telling him not to stay up late anymore. But Rico was sure of what he  had seen and heard.

He knew he wasn’t  imagining  at all.  The next evening,  he was paranoid. He tried  to sleep early with lights on because he didn’t want to experience that creepy event again.

Next morning,  he was  glad  he had a very good sleep. No one  or nothing disturbed him.  No horrifying  nightmares. No dead people disturbed  his sleep  which gave him a big relief.  Maybe his mom was  right. It was just his imagination, maybe…

When Rico  got up fix his bed, he almost  fainted  upon seeing  what had happened  to his room. There was blood everywhere-on his bed, on the sheets and pillows,  and there were footprints of blood on  the floor!

He ran outside his room and called his mom.  His mom immediately went to his room  and they  both saw  the splattered blood.  His mom knew it was real blood and  those footspteps were not of his son’s.

She tool a very good look at the  footsteps and  she could  say that  the size of the footsteps  were that of a woman. But who could  that  be? His mom called his  two sisters  and asked  them if they  were the ones  responsible  for  the mess.

Both  of his sisters said that  they did  not do anything since  they were asleep  the whole night.  His mom looked at Rico very intently. She could see that his son was was really  frightened.  Soon,  Rico’s mom sought the help  of a friend who was a  paranormal expert.

His name was Mang Erning. When Mang Erning went to their home,  the man instantly  told them  that he could  feel a strong  presence inside the room. Then after touching all  the walls inside  the room  and after  offering prayers,  Mang Erning walked towards Rico,  touched his head and  spoke a Latin prayer.

His mom  asked  if everything would turn out fine after that, Mang Erning looked  at Rico and then to  his mom  and said:

“They  will not leave this place. But don’t  worry. They will  not do anything  to  harm you.  They are just fond of Rico.  One thing more, they want to give  something to  your son. And also, there is a  female  ghost who is attracted  to Rico that’s why she is  always here.  She’s the one who made all this mess to get Rico’s attention.”

The very next day,  Rico moved out to his  room. He immediately rented a flat  here in Manila where he thought he can live in peace. maybe his  nightmares  would dissappear since he already moved out  from his place. But he was wrong.

Up to now, he can still  see that lady ghost in his dreams. She would hold his  hand and beg him to come back to his room.

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