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On February 5,  1998, my husband and I  were  anxiously  awaiting the birth of our first child.  It was also  the day my  mother,  Andrea king,  passed away. She had been living  with cancer for more than two years, but she  badly  wanted  to see her  first grandchild.

We lived  in different states  with five  hundred  miles  between us.  Because  I was nine months  pregnant, my mother worried that if traveled something would  happen to me or the baby.

The morning before she died,  my mother  must have  known the end was near.  She made the family promise not to let me drive down for the funeral .

Seven months after her death, we received  the first of at  least two visit from Mom. It  was 3:30 in the morning. (Mom was a  night Owl.) I had just gotten  my son to sleep. I was lying in bed awake when I heard the  front door open.

It  was locked , but I heard no keys. Soon I heard my son’s bedroom door open. A short while later it  closed. Then I heard  a whispered, “Carla, I love you.”

I was frozen- the  hair on the back of my neck stood on  end.  To this day I believe  my mom came to see  her grandson and  to say goodbye to me because I was unable to come  and say  goodbye to her.

When our son Joey was two and a half, he was visited  by  my mother again. One morning he awoke with such excitement- a big smile and bright eyes. He ran to me, saying, “The lady said I was gonna get a  baby sister.” It was all he  talked about for days.

A few weeks passed and we forgot about it, until I was  looking through an old photo album with Joey on my lap. He suddenly screeched, “That’s the lady. She said I was  gonna get a baby sister.” I was shocked to see him pointing  to a picture of my mom, whom he’d never heard about! Nothing more happened until the next spring, when we   got our proof of survival with the birth of our  second child; a beautiful baby girl.

Carla Hass

Montrose, Minnesota

June  1996

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