Great -Grandma’s Bed

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In 1975, I was six years old and living in Cebu City, the Philippines. My great-grandma, Beneta Romero, was blind  and very ill, She lived with my  family, and her bed  was in  the kitchen so we could easily take care of her.

She always  wished that she had been  able to  see my youngest brother,  Edwin Villanueva Pepino, who was three, since she had  become blind before he was born.  One night my uncle Benjamin Villanueva Pepino, my aunt Lorna Pepino, and I were preparing  our dinner  and telling jokes with Great-Grandma was not  responding to our jokes.

She was  not breathing, only lying very still in  her bed. I told my uncle that Great-Grandma was dead, but  he didn’t believe me  until he  checked for himself. The morning  after  Great-Grandma’s funeral, my brother Edwin was found  sleeping in her  bed.

I asked him what he  was doing in her bed,  and he told me that Great-Grandma had come into his  room and  carried him to her  bed.  This happened for three nights in a row, until we went  to  Great-Grandma’s grave and prayed for her soul to  rest in  peace.

Edwin  never did return to Great-grandma’s bed. He  slept  peacefully in his own room. We believe   Great-Grandma could finally see  Edwin after she passed away.

Rowena Dehnke

Whitehall, Wisconsin

September 1994


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