Bloody Mary

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My best friend had this  neighbor who died  because  of a horrible experience, Her neighbor’s name  was Michelle  (not her real name) and she grew up in Bicol, when  she was ten,  her family moved to Las pinas, just two block away from my best friend’s house. My best was just a baby at that time.

When Michelle was in High School, she wasn’t afraid of ghosts. When she  would  hear rumors, she never believed them. All she would  do was laugh at them.  But there  was one rumor she heard that she would never forget  until the day she died: the rumor  of bloody Mary. She fainted after hearing  it for the first time, so her friends brought her  to the school clinic. When she woke, her friends started asking questions but the only  thing she said was, “I’m not afraid in ghosts!”

Really? her  friends asked.  They formed a circle  and murmured  amongst  each  other. Then they  dared Michelle to do the bloody Mary ritual. She  did it  that night in her  bathroom. She turned off the lights, shut the door, and said, ” Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.” She chanted it thirteen times,  louder and louder , almost  to a near scream,   and kept  glancing at the mirror on each  pass.  On the thirteen time,  she looked in the  mirror  and saw  her face  but it was  all covered  in blood! She touched her own face but  there was no blood.

Then something  or someone knocked on the door. She thought that she might  see something creepy so she didn’t answer it. It knocked ten times then started  banging  on the door! She wondered why nobody could hear that banging and thought that the  thing had  kill her  family! she screamed,” leave  them alone! Leave them alone!”  The banging stopped. All of a sudden, the bathroom  became red and the  knocking started again. It stopped  after five knocks. Michelle peeked out  of the bathroom and saw something red on the ground. She stepped on it and it  disappeared. She  sighed  and went back to bed but  left the  bathroom  door open.  Her mom woke her up  sometime in the evening. Her mom said that while she checked on Michelle, she saw something flashing in Michelle’s  bathroom. She checked  the bathroom but saw nothing. She woke Michelle to ask her  to check it out.  Her mother went back to sleep. Now it was Michelle who couldn’t  sleep because right in  front of her just outside the bathroom was a little girl. She was drenched  in blood and pleading for help.  She had an ID that read” Mary Tarchwrite”. Michelle  closed her eyes and when she opened it again the apparition  had disappeared. Two days later Michelle died  of a severe heart attack. Because of what her friends did to her  they all got expelled. They committed suicide because every night  they saw the same thing  Michelle did.  Her friends all became impoverished  because their parents got fired at their jobs. Michelle’s mom was their boss and she didn’t appreciate what her employees’  children did to Michelle.

Please pray  for the lost souls of Mary and Michelle

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